Welcome to the web page of writer Nick Gerrard


                                                  Author of three published books. 

                                              Nick also edits Jotters utd Lit mag

                    Writer of Short Stories, poetry, essays and travel writing, has been published widely in literary mags.  


Gerrard is a fine writer. Crisp, succinct prose renders a world few of us would likely visit in the flesh but ingratiates us with its genuine quality. 

I am reminded in each story of the avant-garde aftertaste of Jack Kerouac

as well as the linguistic precision and depth of Ernest Hemingway. GM Potter..Author and Editor



A quick bit of stuff

One time Chef, activist, union organiser, musician, punk rocker, teacher, traveller,

Eco-lodge owner in Malawi. Lived and drank far too much in 6 countries; travelled to loads more. Love trains, music, books, football, politics, languages, different cultures and food.

Written articles on politics, music, travel, culture and food. One son, one tractor, one Eco-lodge in Czech Mountains!

For more info go to Biography.


The blog section will be updated when and if I have time and anything to say...may even be a new story or poem...we'll see!

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