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A new Noir Thriller in Jottersuntd lit-zine 

and some prosetry in the same mag. 



One of my favourite bars


From the blog of Author Ginger Myrick

I was recently invited to read a poem by a friend who is also an Indie author. His name is Nick Gerrard, author of Travelling for the Hell of It, and if you know anything about him, you know to expect a certain degree of controversy when you read his work, whether due to the subject matter, his opinion, or conflicting viewpoints regarding his writing. But there is one thing on which readers of his jottings should be able to come to a consensus—he is an undeniably gifted writer. In his newest effort, Norman…return to Saltley gate, he took a situation in which a person would never expect to find beauty and made it so moving that I was compelled to step outside my natural wont toward reclusiveness simply to leave a comment telling him and other readers how deeply it touched me. It also got me thinking and inspired me, which is what any good writer aspires to accomplish. It made me realize that if this is what Indie writers can evoke with their work, it is a privilege to be counted among them. It was the kick in the pants I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself and get back on the literary horse.


And here is that Short story...Norman return to Satley gate.

And another story from the same Magazine.

Working with the working girls


Ether books....Literary App (Free download) 4 poems and 5 short stories

Including Hitler time at the Facebook diner


Roadside Fiction: Two Short stories




And recently included in Paperback Anthology 


Plus Thee poems. Waiting in the waiting room and Home


Travelogue..Mwaya beach refugees


Two poems and two kinda essays.


A story to go with the picture.

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