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Radio Interview about my book Travelling for the Hell of it. 

Talk radio Europe interview
Posted by Nick Sunday, September 25, 2016 6:00:00 AM

The Powder Puff,s Journey 

A survivor tells her story.
Posted by Nick Thursday, March 10, 2016 9:43:00 AM

This story took me 15 years to put together. I had bits and bobs of it from talking to Ruth over many years but could not put it together in any good way.

I think it has come out OK, some things are worth waiting for. x

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Information on New Short Story Collection 

Graffiti Stories-Nick Gerrard
Posted by Nick Friday, February 5, 2016 5:23:00 AM


For more information, interview requests or review copies (Write and specify what format) contact

Category: Short Story Collection

Format: eBook – Paperback

‘Graffiti Stories’ by ‘Nick Gerrard’

A collection of short stories written as personal struggle stories from the perception of the underdog protagonist.
Amazon Reviews 
 4.0 out of 5 stars Gritty and shocking 

5.0 out of 5 stars 
This a gritty and exciting collection of short stories. loved them all​

4 out of 5 stars 
A fantastic in depth look into the world of the underdogs of the world. The slimly underbelly of society never looked so good or sounded so amazing until now! Superb writing Mr. Gerrard​

5.0 out of 5 stars

Gerrard is a fine writer. Crisp, succinct prose renders a world few of us would likely visit in the flesh but ingratiates us with its genuine quality. I am reminded in each story of the avant-garde aftertaste of Jack Kerouac as well as the linguistic precision and depth of Ernest Hemingway.


About the author

Nick Gerrard 

Originally from Birmingham but now living in Olomouc where he writes, teaches a little, and in between looking after his son Joe, edits and designs Jotters United Lit-zine.
Nick has been at one time or another a Chef, activist, union organiser, 
punk rocker, teacher, traveller and Eco-lodge owner in Malawi and Czech.
Nick has two books published both available on Amazon:
Travelling for the hell of it. A kind of travel book.
Lyrics without music. Gritty poems.

New pieces published  

Posted by Nick Sunday, November 2, 2014 8:35:00 AM

Recent published read, download or buy.


All about my favourite bar


Gritty prosetry.!Graffiti/c12vn/BlankListItem0_i1rr5mtr49_0


The Soldiers Fort..A short; night in Hell!


Heartless: A Noir Thriller!Heartless/c1cl6/BlankListItem0_hv2b5ueb87_0


A Romantic flash fiction piece available in the paperback anthology.



Legalise um! 

Drugs and their illegality.
Posted by Nick Sunday, March 23, 2014 5:24:00 AM

The problem is that some drugs are legal and some not.

All drugs can have negative side effects.

The damaging effects on people's lives from alcohol, cigarettes, prescription drugs and even food is massive. But we don't ban bad food, we advise people on what to eat.

Do people change their diet? No, obesity is on the increase all over the world. So, in reality the powers that be don't really inform people on the negative effects that bad food has on people's lives. Why not? Too much money involved. 

We don't ban alcohol we advise on safe drinking. But the effects on people's lives by alcohol use is far greater than any negative effects illegal recreational drugs have had; from affecting health generally, to drink related deaths and social negative effects from alcohol: drink driving, family breakdown, abuse etc.  People know these negative effects, so do the authorities and medical profession, but alcohol continues to be legal. Think about it! That is a bit mad, here is a drug that is the most widely used drug in the world and the most damaging and no one does anything about it. Why not? Because of money, simple as. Why are doctors and the Police etc, not screaming out to ban alcohol? If this was an illegal drug used on such a massive scale the whole world would be in uproar. 

Prescription drugs have little warnings on them on the piece of paper inside the pack, but these drugs are pushed on people far too easily. And millions of people around the world are addicted to prescription drugs which are far too easily administered by doctors who are getting paid   by drug companies to push these drugs onto people. Again a whole business is created by the addiction of people.

So we come to illegal drugs.

Most illegal drugs are taken for recreational purposes. The problem is that these drugs obviously have negative effects the same as any drug. And the problem is the control of the quality of those drugs. So, people get drugs laced with all sorts of poisonous substances. 

Making these drugs legal would at least allow a certain amount of control of the quality of these drugs and could help prevent deaths and injury from over-dosing etc.

So at the point of sale there would be a certain amount of control of quality, but also there must be a more open policy of information on the dangers of taking these drugs. 

Since the seventies there has been a massive campaign of negative information on the dangers of heroin. But people continue to take it. You would have thought that people would know that taking heroin could lead to addiction by now, but no.


So, negative campaigns and illegality has not worked with heroin abuse. So, make it legal, control it, the production and distribution. Have open education in schools; why do people take drugs? Because you feel great! Let's not piss around here, people take drugs because they are great! But we all need to know that they can all lead to problems. The taking of marijuana is seen as a soft option. No-body has died from over-dose, nobody! No-one has become bodily addicted to marijuana, no-body. But there are problems involved in the taking of it, the same as all other drugs. But to start off from a point of saying...all drugs bad, don't take them, when talking to kids is stupid. All drugs are good, that's why people take them, but let's also look at the effects, positive and negative of taking drugs. And once they’re legal we can then look at the drugs and take them with more knowledge of the dangers and the quality of the product. Kids need to know that smoking dope can give you behavioral problems and mood problems and possibly mental problems, as well as lethargy and other lesser effects, but the banning of substances does more harm than good. It takes the consumption of said drugs into a dark place, places it underground. If the product was openly sold and the quality known to users it would help consumers more, coupled with a more open education policy on drugs. If kids in school studied recreational drugs, which I believe they should, then a more open discussion on the positives and negatives would lead people to be more in control of their choices. 

As it is now, the illegality of some drugs has led to the addiction and health problems of thousands if not millions of people. Taking illegality out of the equation would be a step in the right direction, it may even lower the consumption, as a certain amount of peer pressure leads to young people trying drugs in the first place, illegality equals cool! Making drugs legal would certainly take away the chance of taking poison laced drugs. And a more open education of young people about illegal drugs is needed, along with a more open educational policy on all drugs.


A little published thing to go with the picture x
Posted by Nick Tuesday, March 4, 2014 3:05:00 AM

The Revolution will be digitalised! 

With apolgises and thanks to Gil Scott heron
Posted by Admin Thursday, February 20, 2014 2:55:00 PM

The Revolution will be digitalised!

The Revolution will still not be televised.

You will still not be able to tune in but do nothing.

You will not be able to log into the main frame.

Cus, big brother is ready to shut down.

You will not be able to watch re-runs on digital channels

as the explosions are organised on the street.

The Revolution will not be live streamed by youtube.

It will not be updated on timeline.

You will not be able to share it, link it, or like it.

You will not be able to download

or bookmark it for a rainy day.

You will not be able to buy the app,

 upload to a cloud,

or feed it thru the iphone, ebook, cable channel.

The Revolution will not be bought to you by sky, or skype.

There will be no spam or junk mail.

The Revolution will not be a tweet away.

The Revolution can not be blogged or myspaced.

There will be no re-runs still, brother.

The Revolution will be digitalised.

By us.

The Revolution will be cyberspaced on our own channels.

The Revolution will not be able to be deleted or blocked

by google, apple or microsoft.

But the Revolution will be messaged, filmed and shared on our feeds.

The Revolution will be televised to, by and for our needs.

The Revolution will by pass the usual channels.

The Revolution will be digitalised by us.

Shared by us, blogged by us, messaged between us.

The Revolution will not be televised brother but

it will be digitalised and initialised

by us

for us.

for you

by me.

The Revolution will be a new day.

There will be no re-run brother.

The Revolution





Rise up 

Posted by Admin Thursday, February 20, 2014 2:43:00 PM

The pensioners squeezed once again

left to freeze

Rise up.

Grey power hit the streets!


The Spanish miners left for dead

stand by an accept it

Rise up

With hand held rockets


Nurses, Doctors, Patients,

watch as health becomes unhealthier

Rise up

Take back the care


Teachers pay cut, hours increased

like class sizes

Rise up

March with students and placards


Blue and white worker made to be casual

take less or else

Rise up!

For the minimum and your forefathers rights.


Disabled forced to work

Like slaves

Rise up

Unlock shackles


Students battle the cops

on Demos'

Rise up!

For a chance to be educated


Youth no place in this


Rise up!

In frustration, to burn and loot.


Greeks and Spaniards have to see

homes, family, way of life disappear

Rise up!

For a right to a life.


Syria, Venezuela, Ukraine, Fight


Rise up

again and again.


The peoples of Europe made to pay

for governmental failures

Rise up!

For a new deal


Soup kitchens, food banks, homeless

Rise up!

People are destitute and desperate.


People helping people

as the States

Rise up!

As one, to downsize our lives


Top Companies profits

Rise up!

Like top management and Politicians salaries


Simple questions,

Rise up!


Why aren't big companies paying tax?

Why aren't the Private Banks paying back the money they borrowed from the people?

Why is mismanagement being rewarded with pay rises or pay-outs?

Why are we rewarding the very people who got us in a mess?

If we are all in this together,

why must we take scrag end cuts whilst you munch prime rib?


So, with all this economic mess going on, all these attacks on our way of life,





We should rise up!

All of us should say,

it's time for a change!

Enough is enough man!

Rise up!

Rise up!

Rise up!


Free the Black Country! 

Posted by Admin Friday, November 15, 2013 8:21:00 AM

Free the Black Country!

The proud people of the Black country are under attack!

Britain has decided they have had enough of our accents.

They think we give a bad impression.

They have the support of multinational Language schools and the mightiest educational curriculum’s in the world.

The ruling ORP party;

re-named over time :

The oppressed party

The repressed party.


The Orthodox, Received Pronunciation party!


They've forcibly evicted the original inhabitants of the Black country, and Solihull, Edgbaston and other suburbs and districts;

and re-settled them into the Holy city of Birmingham.

There's 1.7 million people squeezed into South, East and West Brum.

The conclave of Smethwick by the sea is now an isolated out-post, surrounded by mock-Tudor houses and neighbourhood watch militias.


All those who were born here, have been forced to return to live here, in the Ghettos.

There are fences and road blocks and restricted movement in and out of the Balsall Heath checkpoint.

The old trades have had to be learnt again. The foundries fired up again.

The old slag heaps dug again.

We had to create an economy within.

Trade routes are blocked.

The Flotilla from Ireland was bombed, the Bristol channel is blockaded.



They cleared Handsworth Wood today. The refugees flooded down the Lozells road.

The RP militias marched more Yam yams, from the peasant areas of Tipton and Dudley.

Sparkbrook is overcrowded, disease is rife.

Food is scarce. The Balti houses are few. Nan bread handed out to quees.


I heard the Southerners had Invaded our Allies the Scots.

Glasgow is now the most dangerous city in the world; run by clans and gangs and Militias of various accents.


Wales has been bombed.

Our Iron and Jewelry can't be sold outside anymore.

The coal reserves are dwindling.

Some food is getting in. The Geordies send a lot of humane aid. And the Scousers and Mancs always find a dodgy way through, bless um!

The kids have had enough.

Old differences have been put aside.

Baggie stands with Tatter; Blue nose next to Villain.


Our traditional supporters clubs let us down. Sold us down the cut.

They once stood for us all. Then signed a peace deal. And left the good folk of Selly Oak to the tanks and bulldozers.


As a protest.

We voted for the extreme fundamentalist Yam yams and the armed extremist Saddlers of Walsall.

We had had enough.

We had been let down to many times by old leaders.


Of course we don't agree with their politics. But they were at least prepared to fight, to the death.

The suicide Saddlers. On Scarp yard horses, riding into down town Brum. Saddles filled with explosives.


And it was all the weapons we had.

Fire a horse and saddle from a bouncy castle over the blockade.

They usually end up in the Reservoir, or Cannon hill park, and occasionally the Cricket stadium was hit, were sorry about that!

And sometimes they have hit innocent RP settlers out for a stroll.

But we are under occupation here!

There's a war guwing on in ower back yard.


What option do we have left?

The RPBBC, The language videos and tapes, and schools spout their vile RP propaganda.

While showing re-runs of Crossroads and Frank Skinner videos..

And all the while they show the damage a Saddle can do but not the bombs,


The tanks and Drones shooting our kids as they play football, reliving the past glories on old rec parks. In Blue and white, Old gold, Claret and Blue, and Blue. They said they were harboring the Black and Red extremist leaders of the Saddlers.

But as anyone who knows our culture knows, we are not Walsall fans, have never been Waslsall fans. They are few!


The food gets less, the medicine running out, the attacks more frequent.

The young men have had enough.

Many are trading in their tops for red ones!


And we voted for them and they are our government.

We had no one else to turn to!

And we, of course don't agree with their moral codes;


Replacing English dictionaries with dialect ones.

We have to wear red and black. And sing One step Beyond, daily!

And women are no longer allowed to watch games, chants songs, wear the tops.

But where else can we turn?

We will deal with those things later, for now we are at war!


They killed some children today, whilst they rehearsed their defensive tactics, Walsall style!

I fired a saddle in retaliation. Into the Bull ring. It may have only damaged the rag market and maybe a few innocent RP settlers, laughing at the box loads of cheap sweets may have been injured,

but we are being massacred here!

Ethnically cleansed.


Shit, they are carpet bombing Kidderminster!

The Severn is a blaze.

Sparkhill is exploding!



Tanks and soldiers have entered the Smethwick Strip.


Our saddles are few!


Kids throw rocks and fire catapults. At tanks.

Resistance is, to be honest, Futile!


But fight we must, we fight for our freedom, our Grandads and our accents.

We fight for the right to speak freely, in full broad Brummie

In full Black country Yam yam!


The RP party of Britain are forcing their words onto us, occupying our estates and forcing us to submit to the culture of golf, and wine bars, and non smoking celebrity restaurants!

And basically waging genocide on the people of the Black country and Birmingham!

RP settlers out of New street now!

Long live the Grorty Dick resistance!

Freedom for the Black Country




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A blog...jesus!


I mean who has time to blog? I am busy trying to get stuff I will not write crap about crap everyday! But I might put a story or a poem or a bit of news. We'll see.

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